Our country has experienced tragedies linked to serious mental illness from Newtown, Conn., to Aurora, Col., and Isla Vista, Calif. A national coalition of concerned family and community members has founded Treatment Before Tragedy, to give voice to a movement demanding that national, state and community leaders have greater awareness and real, evidence-based solutions for some of the most vulnerable in our society, including our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers and neighbors with serious mental illness.  

Treatment Before Tragedy Advocacy For Better Treatment
And Services For Serious Mental Illness

> Raise awareness of challenges faced by families with loved ones with
​   serious mental illness.

> Establish a network of trained family advocates to assist families.

> Advocate before Congress, the Administration and in other forums for better
   treatment, services and research for serious mental illness.

> Raise awareness that serious mental illness is brain disease, and serious mental
   illness is a physical not behavioral disorder.

> Chronicle how the mental health system is broken and advocate for change. 

Families on the frontlines


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64 percentof inmates in U.S. jails 

suffer from mental illness

We need your support to make change happen for families and communities. Every day, families struggle on the frontlines of America's broken mental health care system. Join us to find solutions and make an impact.

Treatment Before Tragedy is a movement to mobilize families and community members to advocate for better treatment, services, research and a cure for individuals and families impacted by serious mental illness.

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Mending minds

Shame, stigma and secrecy have defined our conversation regarding serious mental illness for too long. We invite you to break the silence so the world and our nation's leaders can know what we live with everyday of our lives.


“When Cody thinks about 18, he sees independence and the freedom to make his own choices. I wish I felt the same. Instead, I feel afraid."

9.3 millionsuffer from serious mental illness in the U.S.


"We called my son 'Mr. Sunshine.' He never stopped except to sleep. When he was older, a camp counselor limited the number of questions he could ask every day to three. He was an enthusiastic, gifted child."

3.5 millionadults with mental illness 
are untreated in the U.S.

Our Hope

We believe people deserve the best possible care and treatment before tragedy happens.

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Treatment Before Tragedy

Treatment Before Tragedy is a non-profit organization advocating for better treatment, services, research and a cure for individuals and families impacted by serious mental illness. Our vision is to promote ​a healthy and safe society for all.