Today it is possible to play any games in online casinos, as their number cannot be restricted by space, as it happens in brick and mortar gambling houses. So a player can try anything, he wants from slot machines to different card games. One of the games presented in online casinos is baccarat, which is rather popular thanks to simplicity of the rules. Baccarat online gambling is a unique game in fact with a bit odd process in general.

Its history is very interesting and it is said that the game appeared first in Italy in the 17th century and then was brought to France. It is believed that the game is based on one legend called “Nine Gods”, according to which every year a golden hair virgin had to be sacrificed. However, she got a chance to survive and even to become a priestess. She threw a nine sided die, and if the number was 8 or 9 she got a title, if 7 or 7, she lost the status and if less she had to enter into the sea and die. To play online baccarat we need the same number to define who is a winner.

In fact, baccarat is a game of pure chance as well as online gambling slots, as there no skills required though it is a card game. What is unique about this game? The first moment is that no matter how many hands are dealt, only two matter and it is a player and a banker’s hand. People don’t play against each other; they compete only with the casino itself. And what is more interesting is that it is possible to place the bet at a player’s hand as well as a banker’s one. The aim is to guess what hand will be higher. The highest possible number is nine (here there is a parallel with the legend), what is not so usual as well, as players used to collect 21 or likewise.


Card values in online baccarat are also unique, and the same numbers cannot be met anywhere else. So cards from two to nine count for their face value, where nine is the biggest possible one. Ace is only one, and it cannot be eleven, as in poker for example. The other cards such as Ten, Jacket, Queen and King are worth of zero (what is the lowest possible number). In fact, it is easy to remember and the most important there is not to get confused. Moreover, baccarat is the worst possible hand worth of zero, which is also not so usual, as players used to the fact, that games are often called by the highest combination or hand.

How can players count the total value? There is a peculiarity there. So when a player gets two cards, he sums up their face values, and when it exceeds nine, then 10 is subtracted from it.

An example:

7+5 = 12 – 10 = 2.

So the purpose is to get nine or at least eight to win. A player is dealt two cards, but he reserves the right to take the third one, if the total number is less or equal to five. A banker can take the third card too, if his total number is from zero to four included. There are some peculiarities about it, but the whole idea is quite clear.

As for bets, there are three possible variants: player’s hand (1:1), banker’s hand (1:1 with subtraction of 5% commission) and tie (9:1). It’s up to every player to decide what type of a bet to choose.

So the game is really simple and suitable for both beginners and experienced players, who want to relax during the game without any brain teasing. Everybody can find something thrilling and exciting about it. Undoubtedly, online baccarat is a good choice, considering that you can play it any moment you like in online casinos. Online baccarat can also be a good warming up before starting playing poker or some other game, which requires hard thinking.

Play baccarat and win! Good luck!