Online casino bonuses are perhaps a main attraction for people, who are gambling or going to gamble. They were introduced at gambling sites long ago and the reason was certainly to make playing games more appealing for the visitors. Bonuses are a certain sum of money which is deposited to the account when a player signs up or for his other achievements like long play or inviting a friend. Today all gamblers are used to getting them as it is one of the main ways to stand ahead in tough competition between gambling sites. However, some people play tricks with bonuses, what’s called bonus hunting.

Those who are gambling online know perfectly well that it is difficult to cash out online gambling bonuses. Today all online casinos have so called wagering requirements, which should be definitely met. Wagering requirements are the sum of money, at which a player should increase a bonus or a bonus plus the first deposit. They are different at various gambling sites, but anyway it makes cashing the bonuses out more difficult and not so exciting.

What was the purpose of introduction of wagering requirements? Why was it necessary? In fact, at the beginning online casinos either have really small wagering requirements or don’t have them at all and people could enjoy playing with bonuses. Certainly there were people who used the benefits from such an opportunity, but they were just some individuals. However, several years later the number of individuals increased to a great number and the movement got a name “bonus hunting”.

Who are bonus hunters? They are people who register at a gambling site, get a bonus and go away. This movement originated in Denmark, where a person or a group of people realized that there was no aim in honest gambling and they started using all other benefits. In fact, it was possible to register, get a good bonus, play for 15 minutes and go to another online casino. It was becoming more and more popular firstly in Denmark and then in other European countries.

The Internet was full of pieces of advice of such kind and everyone had an access to such information. Moreover, there was even a TV program in Denmark, which told about a new way to become rich. I suppose that there is even no need in saying that after it thousands of people rushed to online casinos to get bonuses. Certainly, everything became clear and it was necessary for gambling sites to take some measures, as in any other case they could go bankrupt.

The measures taken were absolutely different. Some online casinos just stopped accepting Danish gamblers, the others stopped giving bonuses, some gambling sites decided to increase wagering requirements, several sites decided to introduce “sticky” bonuses, which are simply uncahsable. Certainly, some sites prohibited risk free bets, like in roulette, where it is possible to place a bet on black and red simultaneously and some sites applied several methods at once.

As a result, today we should meet wagering requirements and read terms and conditions really carefully to avoid sticky bonuses. It is really inconvenient and not so profitable. And there are no other way out as online casinos simply won’t return everything back.

Certainly some bonus hunters exist even today, but they should be really careful, as it is too easy to enter a black list, which is created by gambling sites. And if you are going to hunt the bonuses, you should never cash out money too early and stop gambling as soon as you meet wagering requirements. But in general I won’t recommend you to do so as it is too difficult, risky and not so profitable.