One of the main advantages that always attracted people to online casinos is bonuses. People always wanted to get free money for nothing and it seems that bonuses enabled them to do so. Bonuses were invented in order to attract new gamblers and keep loyal ones playing. Online casino bonuses are profitable for both parties, and they can be offered only in virtual reality, not in traditional gambling establishments. However, this is only an appearance that is often deceptive. In this article we will look at different types of bonuses and terms of their acceptance.

Different online casinos offer players numerous new online casino bonuses. Maybe the most common and attractive bonus is signup bonus. It can usually be deposit and non-deposit. To get a deposit signup bonus you need to sign up on the site and put a certain sum of money on your playing deposit. After that this sum can be multiplied several times, for instance. Non-deposit bonus is much smaller, although to get it you don’t need to pay any money. A sum of non-deposit bonus is usually $10- 20, hardly more. To cash this money out you will need to meet some requirements, for example to increase your withdrawal by several times. Anyway, bonuses are a good addition to the sum at your account and you may use them to place bets in online casinos.


Deposit and non-deposit signup bonuses are often offered by brand new online casinos that are interested in attracting as many new gamblers as possible. Another interesting type of bonuses offered by brand new online casinos is sticky bonus. Sticky bonus is not cashable. You can wager using this bonus, but when cashing out your winnings the sum of this bonus will be subtracted. Such kind of bonuses is more like a trick of online casino operators to attract new players. And if you really want to get some money, then you should look for cashable bonuses that you WILL be able to cash out in the end of a game. It is usually described in terms and conditions of using online casino bonuses, which should be carefully read and studied.

By the way, the existence of new online casino bonuses even led to the fact that some people play in online casino only to get it. Such people are called ‘bonus-hunters’ as they are hunting for profitable bonuses. They can travel from one internet gambling site to another, trying to win and cash out bonuses. However, to be successful in it players need to be real professionals to meet all requirements necessary to cash out a given bonus. Certainly, you may follow them, but if you stay long in one and the same online casino, you get comp points, which can be then either cashed out or exchanged for expensive prizes.