More and more gamers are turning to games like roulette, thanks to the chance to try and beat the casinos with gaming systems, such as the roulette Martingale and Dozen betting strategies. Check out the power of the systems, their statistical basis, and the risks and rewards on offer in an instant.

The basics of systematic roulette

Roulette allows you to play with a wide variety of bets – ranging from 35:1 long shot single numbers, to high strike even money bets.

Single Number / Straight Up 35:1

Number (Split) 17:1

Number (Across) 11:1

Number (Corner) 8:1

Number (Across) 5:1

Section (12 Numbers) 2:1

Column (12 Numbers) 2:1

18 or 19 – 36 1:1

Odd or Even 1:1

Colour (Red or Black) 1:1

While gamers may struggle to beat the roulette table by betting on low odd selection with level stakes – the high strike rate of the bets can be manipulated to try and get a statistical edge. Essentially, just like flipping a coin, certain roulette bets can be predicted with a pretty high degree of confidence. For example, imagine if you tossed a coin and hit a run of ‘tails, tails, tails, tails’; the odds are low that this would happen, and the chance of a head winning soon are very high. Similar scenarios can be applied to the roulette table, and by using progressive staking plans, you essentially only need a high-strike selection to win once per cycle to make a profit.

Check out the classic dozen roulette strategy below, which has a statistical probability of 99.8%

  • Start by spinning the roulette reel with no bet (alternatively, place 1 unit black and 1 red).
  • Note down the spin outcomes; low (1-12), middle (13-25) and high (26-38) bets).
  • When one of the sections does not strike during 5 spins in a row, put the betting system in to action, stopping at a win.
Wager number Wager level
1 $1
2 $2
3 $3
4 $4
5 $6
6 $9
7 $13
8 $20
9 $30
10 $45
11 $67


Be warned that just because roulette systems are statistically very powerful, they can fail. If you plan on trying them out, you’ll only get long-term success by quitting when your system fails during a session. However, thousands of gamers gain success by using discipline and simple roulette tips.

  • Start out with a small bankroll, risking cash you can afford to lose
  • Use bonus cash to test-run roulette systems
  • Use a low credit value
  • Skim your profits and aim to get gaming for free
  • Use a stop loss limit and do not chase losses past your limit