Family members, who have too often felt as if they are drowning are also testimony to resilience and perseverance. 

> Former Washington Post reporter Pete Earley wrote about his efforts to get treatment for his son, diagnosed with bipolar, in a book, ​Crazy. He relates not only his experiences but the painful realities of other families.


Families and Psychosis
families are important in longterm recovery.

Russian Roulette 

NOwhere to go

When families cannot find a hospital bed for their loved ones who are in an acute episode of serious mental illness, they can often feel as if there is nowhere to go. 

​A nephew of Laura Pogliano, a Baltimore mother whose son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, saw the frustration his aunt experienced trying to get treatment for her son. He created a website,, to help families find resources from legal aid to psychiatrists

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Having felt the sting of being excluded from treatment, family members have taken action so other family members have a fighting chance to help loved ones. 

> At  Treatment Advocacy Center, Doris Fuller, executive director, has a loved one who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The organization she leads offers family members hope when they are confronted with the painful realities of helping a loved one with serious mental illness untreated. 

> New York City advocate D.J. Jaffe's sister was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and he made it his lifelong mission to try to help other families trapped in America's broken mental health care system. His organization, Mental Illness, is a repository of research, policy and family stories. 



State Standards Charts for Assisted Treatment Civil Commitment Criteria and Initiation Procedures. 

revolving door

Treatment Advocacy Center provides practical strategies for responding to crisis:


Mending minds

Treatment Before Tragedy

"Wounds are where the lights enters you," says 14th century Sufi poet Rumi. Living happy, healthy lives is a challenge for people with serious mental illness and their families. "'Treatment before tragedy' is our goal. Families need resources.

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