Scratch cards have always been one of the coolest instant lotto games – but now the big craze has hit cyberspace, thanks the launch of online scratch cards! Yep – the scratchie revolution is well and truly under way, and you don’t want to miss the coolest jackpot explosion on the web! Check out the cool features of online scratchies, and get the tips to keep you in the hunt for a big pay day!

Stunning instant-play gaming

The best online scratch games look serious hot and are guaranteed to put a smile back on your face. Forget about static cards – some online scratchies feature animation, sounds and cool themed gaming. In fact, they take the scratch and win concept of normal cards and turbo-charge them to new levels of intrinsic entertainment.

Ultra-affordable scratchies

The looks and game-play aren’t the only cool upgrade available with the online version of the scratch classics – the new staking levels allow everyone to play for hours, spending either pennies or big bucks per card. There’s no better value for money in the casinos.

Play 24/7 scratchies

The attraction of traditional scratch cards was their instant appeal and access – and with online cards available at the click of your PC or mobile phone, they’re more accessible to gamers than ever before!

Scratch cards payout in the zone of 95-98% averages, and that means you’re sure to win multiple low level payouts, if you play the games on a regular basis. However, the big wins can be huge, and if you get lucky you could end up winning anything from $10,000 – $100,000 plus! Scratch jackpot levels are pre-defined by using a formula of coin size, number and win grade……

3 X Super Reward Icons =

1 coin = 1000 coin super reward

2 coins = 2000 coin super reward

3 coins = 3000 coin super reward

3 x $5 = 15000.00 jackpot

3 x $20 = 60000.00 jackpot

Scratch strategy tips

You’ll need a visit from lady luck to win big with your scratch card gaming, but thousands of gamers have found serious jackpot success over the past 12 months. Although there’s no way to use skill to boost your chances, playing with some simple strategic tips is likely to increase your scratchie sessions, which could be what’s needed to find the big winning cards!

  • Split your scratchie gaming into several weekly sessions to maximize your luck
  • Play many low value cards, rather than a low volume of high value scratchies
  • Decide how many cards you will play in each session
  • Play with level stake card values
  • Never chases scratch losses – it won’t work
  • Focus on fun!